Whats he going to do?

Okay so here’s a juicy one about Obama’s pending decision to send more troops to Afghanistan.   It seems the president is in a bind.  He’s under pressure from both sides.  One on hand he’s got his constituency, the people who actually voted for him, stepping up demands to end the war, bring the troops home, and spend the money here at home.  On the other hand, he has military officials and other academic think tanks telling him to escalate the war.

I can’t get over this one quote from this guy at the Brookings Institution.  Check it out,

“The moment of truth is arriving for what we want to do with Afghanistan,” said Bruce Riedel of the Brookings Institution. “Politically, this puts enormous pressure on the president to increase the number of resources.”

What we want to do?  What exactly do they want to do in Afghanistan? What about what I want to do in Afghanistan?  Personally I see great orchards of apricots and almonds abound with sheep and foul tilling the soil.  And I am sure that if it were a country of plenty there wouldn’t be much of a problem.  What would it take to allow everyone the capacity to grow their own food?

Personally, I am getting sick and tired of  interventionist policies throwing money all over the world.  But where is all this money coming from?   Its coming from banks who print it out of thin air so we, the American taxpayers, will be obligated to pay it back and with interest.

Then there is this one:

“The call for more troops is opposed by some left-leaning members of Obama’s own Democratic Party, whose support the president needs to overhaul health care.”

So only leftist liberals oppose his plan.   Republican Ron Paul has been a vocal opponent of the escalation  why not mention his name?  What it is it leftist liberals vs. professional academic and military analysts?

Frankly, I won’t be surprised if he sends more troops and financial aid to Afghanistan.  After all thats what his powerful corporate sponsors want him to do.  But with reporting from major news sources like this one, how can an honest antiwar debate emerge?

Read it here,



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